North American Grip Sport

The purpose of this page is to provide information about the various Divisions used in the Sport of Grip.

Grip Sport Divisions

Prior to 2012, there were three divisions in North American Grip Sport sanctioned competitions. Novice, Open, Elite. These Divisions are formed with the objective of giving the competitors of different strength levels the opportunity to excel.

Weight Classes

In 2012, Weight Classes were instituted. The weight classes chosen are the IPF weight classes, below:

  • Men: 59k, 66k, 74k, 83k, 93k, 105k, 120k, 120k+
  • Women: 47k, 52k, 57k, 63k, 72k, 84k, 84k+
  • Master's: Age brackets 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+. 59k, 66k, 74k, 83k, 93k, 105k, 120k, 120k+
For the time being in North America, these are primarily being used as Records Lists dividers. The promoter of a contest is under no obligation to feature each of these weight classes in his contest. He or she may organize the contest as far as weight classes or divisions how he or she pleases, but the promoter must weigh each competitor on a point-calibrated scale no longer than 2 hours before the start of the contest. North American Grip Sport is currently in the process of transitioning to the weight class method of organizing contests, but NAGS also allows promoters flexibility in organizing their competitions as a way to foster more competitions. Below, you will find the Divisions used in North American Grip Sport before the weight classes were introduced prior to 2012.

Novice Division

An athlete competes in the Novice Division for his first year of competition. The athlete may waive his Novice status at any time in order to compete in Open Class B, but once doing so may not return to the Novice Class.

Novice competitors are strongly suggested to compete in this division in at least one NAGS-sanctioned competition before waiving their Novice status.

Open Division - Class B

The Open Division consists of competitors in the A and B Classes.

An athlete competes in the Open Class B until he finishes in the Top 3 of a NAGS-sanctioned contest.

Open Division - Class A

Open Class A competitors have finished Top 3 in the Open Division and have the opportunity to graduate to the Elite Class.

Elite Division

Elite status is awarded to members of the Open class A who accomplish a Total of 800# or more in the Core Lifts: IronMind Axle (Double Overhand Deadlift), Two Hands Pinch (European or American Standard), Grippers (rated with approved device).

An example of an 800# total would be 400# on the IronMind Axle Deadlift, 230# Two Hand Pinch and 170# Gripper. The Gripper close must be done with a parallel set or wider. Choker closes will not count toward the total.

Current Elite Status Lifters (alphabetical order): Aaron Corcorran, Andrew Durniat, Adam Glass, Jedd Johnson, Paul Knight, Tim Struse, Dave Thornton, Chad Woodall.

Women's Division

Currently, women compete in one class together. As the sport grows and more women participate, NAGS will assess the need for weight classes.

In some contests, such as the World's Strongest Hands, the women's scores are tabulated separately within their own division and also included with the men's class, in order to show where their lifts compare with the men competitors.

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